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Mouth change tone video tutorial Can also blow high notes without pressing the overtone button

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For example, the first situation: when your mouth shape is set according to the basic requirements, the muscles of the mouth are relaxed, the jaws are relaxed, the inside of the mouth is opened, and the breath is given to the feet, then the sound is more natural and comfortable, but if When the mouth shape is constant, the amount of breathing will decrease, and the sound will become smaller and weaker. Similarly, when the amount of breath is constant, the tension of the muscles of the mouth will change the tone. The tighter the muscles of the mouth, the more the sound will be, the sharper it is. .
Sometimes when your mouth's tension reaches a certain level, even if you don't press the high button, the sound will reach the pitch of the high range. This is due to the strong force of the mouth muscles and the mouthpiece, which shortens the amplitude of the reed and the mouthpiece and reduces the speed of the vibration. So that the audio becomes higher to change the pitch, and the distance between the mouth and the reed can also affect the tone. Under normal circumstances, the less the part of the reed is contained in the mouth, the sound is relatively small and lacks resonance, and is included in the mouth. There are many parts, and the sound is thicker and brighter. This situation is relative to the situation where the breath is certain.
When the lips touch the reeds to change the tone, we all know that the playing instrument is the force of our mouth is very small, its influence on the tone is negligible, its main role is to seal the gas, prevent leakage . The lower lip is different, and its change can directly affect the tone. For example, when your lower lip is in contact with the reed, the vibration of the reed is limited and cannot be fully vibrated due to the increased contact area between the lip and the reed. The sound becomes dull and dull, but there are many people who like it, especially in popular and jazz. When the area of ​​the lip contact is small, the support point of the reed is relatively hard. In such a case, the reeds vibrate sufficiently, and the vibrating portion is also enlarged, so that the generated timbre is brighter and the influence is larger. The above is the effect of changes in mouth shape and breathing on the tone in a straight long sound. In addition, there are some other techniques in the saxophone performance. These techniques have a lot to do with the changes in breathing and mouth shape, for example, the sound requires an instantaneous change, such as fff.